by Kristina Estell

This site records the activity of the situation project stones permanently installed in the studios of the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany. Each of the 45 studios was provided with its own numbered, engraved stone. Residents are invited to react to, interact with and document the stone if and as they wish. These images present the growing archive of generous participant contributions…

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#9 on 7.11.17

Photo courtesy Alejandro Robles

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#34 on 23.6.17

Photo courtesy Saadia Mirza

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#26 on 10.3.17

I am writing to u from Solitude studio 26 where, I am sorry to say your stone has been long missing.

Since I regularly travel with stones which I have collected in different parts of the world, I thought to simply write 26 in permanent marker on a large crystal stone from Genova and leave it here to keep the spirit alive. I know it’s not the same, I apologize that someone took your original from its home ::((

I attached photos below.

Photo courtesy Jol Thompson

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Photo courtesy Georges Senga

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#18 on 14.8.16

Photo courtesy Caitlin Berrigan

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Photo courtesy Doug Barrett

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#45 on 24.5.15

Photo courtesy Doretta Lau

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#15 on 17.5.15

Photo courtesy Louis-Philippe Scoufaras

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#36 on 9.4.15

Photo courtesy Anna Okrasko

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#39 on 21.3.15

This stone is a part of an art project by Kristina Estell, and I guess every studio in Haus II has one. Many times I read a letter from the artist where she describes her concept and asks a person who lives in the studio to send her the documentation how this stone was used. It was a pity for me because I really like this idea, but I looked at my stone on an upper bookcase and knew that I never use it. When I leave the studio, the stone will be on that place and state as at the beginning.

But it happened. Naturally, I didn’t expect and may be this magic Kristina meant.

I put a stone on a white paper

something that yet exists, real and in this case physical

in a flash it becomes just a document

invisible emotion and dust of memory

that everyone can feel but never knows

what it was in the reality

Photo and text courtesy Tania Arcimovič

First published on the Akademie Schloss

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